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1. Suitable for simple content informational sites, blogs and standard professional sites.
2. Setup time for sites is fast
3. Large community supporting it and updating the code.
4. Open source and widely used across the web.
5. Good for very simple ecommerce (1-3 products)

1. Not suitable for regular or advanced e-commerce projects, but can integrate with magento to overcome problem. There is an ecommerce plugin wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce/, though the functionality is limited, so it may not be sufficient for the client (depending on the client’s demands)
2. Must update it to keep it secure
3. Not good for customized sites with complex user generated features (i.e. can’t build facebook on it)
4. Not good for large media files
5. Plugs-ins may get broken with updates (so extra maintenance is required for wordpress sites with plugins)

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