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EWT: BFM Proprietary CMS


1. Fast, robust and scalable
2. Great for informational websites, complex social network sites, or customized ecommerce sites
3. Can handle large numbers of database inquiries at once
4. The most user friendly content management system
5. Excellent solution for implementing of highly loaded systems (social networks, content sites, informational portals etc.)


1. Custom built so it takes more time to develop.
2. Although its built on an open source framework, it is not open source to be used by the public.
3. Outside developers aren’t familiar with the back-end and there will be a learning curve


The down-side of all CMS other than ours are the following:

• They were developed by third-parties– we have less ability to customize any features that clients wish to function outside of the standard settings.
• Even when customization is possible, this often requires the use of plug-ins or additional third-parties, thus these systems are not optimized for highly-customized online presences.
• Maintenance can be difficult and more time-consuming – we are not as familiar with these systems and therefore development / troubleshooting / future adjustments take much longer.
• The main downside is that these systems are limited in terms of customizations – these are only good solutions for clients who do not have a lot of money and also want a very straightforward website with basic functions. Any clients who wish to have highly-customized online solutions should go with our system because our system is scalable for usability.

“After all is said and done, the choice is simply yours but you are not free from the consequence of your choice. Make today count, make the right choice."
-M. J. Fessler