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1. Open source and widely used
2. For simple Informational Sites and Corporate Sites
3. Many modules and extensions which allows the site to be built for any functionality
4. Large community of developers supporting and innovating
5. Fast to set up
6. Can be strong in SEO


1. Not the most user-friendly content-management-system. Its very complex and any client that asks for it should review it first.
2. Is not ideal for ecommerce websites. Allows ecommerce module integration (Ubercart), though a thorough investigation is required to make sure all the client’s needs can be met.
3. Forms customization is problematic, default look is recommended (a note to designers).
4. The information submitted via the forms is not stored in the admin panel by default, it’s sent to the corresponding admin’s email
5. There is a learning curve for developers not familiar with it.
6. It has limits in displaying data taken dynamically from other places on the site or from external sources.

“After all is said and done, the choice is simply yours but you are not free from the consequence of your choice. Make today count, make the right choice."
-M. J. Fessler